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    EHS management system

    Our company vigorously promotes environmental protection、safety and health of the trinity of EHS system. Hazard identification and risk control are the core of construction and management for this system. The EHS department was set up to be comprehensively responsible for works of daily environmental protection, safety management and occupational disease prevention.

    Occupational Health & Safety
    1、Safety instruction of admission and evacuation plan
    2、Security standardization

    The company is equipped with professional management of occupational health and safety. Several safety management systems including safety responsibility, education, training, examination, risk identification, rewards and punishment, special operations, hazardous chemicals, personnel assessment, accident investigation and etc have been established. These systems are strictly implemented. According to the requirements of the latest laws and standardization, the systems are revised and supplemented. Till now, the EHS department has identified laws and regulations, standard specification, general rule and detailed rules and regulations related to environment protection, safety and occupational health more than 960 articles.

    3、Training and education

    3.1 Security training
    The company has a perfect training system.
    Internal training: According to training needs, the company has set the 3 level training plans. The teachers and courseware are selected elaborately.
    External training: EHS department hired professionals from safety supervision department each year to train employees about special operation. The special operations work certifications are sent to training qualified employees.
    3.2 Security activity
    Group security activity
    In order to enhance the safety techniques of employees, we have drew up the group security activity plan according to the job content of workshop.
    EHS department conduct activities such as fun sport meeting and safety knowledge contest annually to enhance safety consciousness and increase cohesion.

    4、Risk analysis and hidden trouble recognizing

    4.1 Hazard and Operability Analysis: we investigate and revise the HAZOP of all departments and workshops annually to ensure the reliability and effectiveness of risk analysis.
    4.2 Security auditing and change: we have set up strict approval and change process, aimed to control danger from source.
    4.3 Harmful factor examination: the harm factor examination is taken every year to timely detection of hidden danger in our work environment. The detection results announced.
    4.4 Occupational healthy examination: the employees are equipped with occupational-disease-prevention articles to comply with the applicable regulate of occupational disease prevention. In order to early finding and timely treatment, the occupational health examinations are organized each year.

    4.5 Contractor management: the qualification examinations of contractors are strictly and conducted by EHS department. EHS department is responsible for the skill training and examination of builder as well as the construction site inspection.
    4.6 Large-scale safety check, special security check, holiday safety inspection, seasonal safety inspection, routine inspection are organized regularly by EHS department.

    5、Supervision of key facility and key site

    5.1 Monitoring: the factory area is video monitoring 24 hours combined with fire watch to ensure suspect and potential accident are found out at the first time and timely warning and response.

    5.2 Gas alarm facilities: every key facilities and key sites are equipped with toxic gas detector and flammable gas probes, so the leak can be timely warning.
    5.3 Examination: the director of key facilities and key sites are responsible for the regular checking to ensure facilities and instruments are efficient and available.
    5.4 Emergency disposal: the special emergency plans for every key facilities and key sites are made and walk through regularly to make sure the dangerous case can be timely and effectively controlled.

    6、Emergency rescue

    6.1 Emergency equipment: the company is equipped with many fire fighting devices and equipments such as rescue equipment, fire-fighting equipment, emergency medicine, flood protection facilities. All departments and workshops are equipped with emergency medicine cabinet. Three sets of leak stopper and manual diaphragm pumps, fire fighting water drive fan are also equipped to deal with valve leakage, tank leakage and pipe leakage.

    6.2 Plan and practice: company has made emergency plans for emergency evacuation, dangerous chemicals accident, fire accident, flood control and substantial risk . These plans have been recorded in safety supervision department. EHS department organizes accident practice regularly and are responsible for the training, assessment and plan-change before rehearse.



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